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  1. Hi,
    My name is Drew and I play in the band Northern Hustle. We’re currently trying to gain some press and exposure about our upcoming release. We’ve been a band for about a year and have been recording since October.

    We released two singles from our album two weeks ago and they’ve already had radio play here locally and internationally on Nevis Radio in the UK. We started our kickstarter shortly after the release of our singles and surpassed our original goal within the first three days of our project.

    Please check us out!

    Our singles: (Please feel free to post and distribute if you wish)

    Our Kickstarter:

    Our live show:

    Thank you so much for your time, we hope to hear from you!


    Thank You,
    Northern Hustle
    Be Excellent To Each Other

  2. was unable to locate a formal email, so I figured that I’d give this a shot.

    submission for review:

    Hello Indi-AZ,

    Phillip from Twin Ponies here. Twin Ponies is a progressive rock band composed of members of the defunct Tempe indie-alternative band, Tugboat. The band was formed by Wayne Jones, Phillip Hanna, and Jordan Tompkins in 2013. The three piece eventually rounded out their line up by adding Jacob Lauxman’s melodic guitar styling. Twin Ponies looks to take the nineties influenced sound of their former group and expand it into a new direction.

    Recorded in August 2013, the EP, “Pores”, was engineered and and mixed by Fred Huang (Of the Painted Choir) and Mastered by Fen Ikner (Calexico). The recording was released digitally through bandcamp and in a song book format with lead sheets for each track.

    Here is a link http://twinponies.bandcamp.com/

    Thanks for your time. Happy New Year

    Phillip Hanna Twin Ponies Facebook.com/TwinPonies

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