Dry River Yacht Club 1/10/13 At Crescent Ballroom

There’s nothing quite like a Dry River Yacht Club (DRYC) show. Bodies flailing, jumping, shaking and thrashing about — and that energy is due 100 percent to DRYC’s raw, exuberant, Gypsy western folk music.

It was the second night of DRYC’s “Cresidency,” or Crescent Ballroom residency, and their singles release party. In fact, you can listen to their two new tracks here.

Up first, Yellow Minute, a band I had been meaning to check out for some time. They have this great upbeat, poppy, beach rock sound, perfect for loosening up the small crowd that night. Bits and pieces of their set sounded very Maps and Atlases-inspired to me.

Once Yellow Minute had ended, we quickly looked up the next band, the Haymarket Squares, and realized we had no idea what the hell “punkgrass” was. I mean, we had an idea, but had never heard or seen it live before. Boy were we in for a treat. Equal parts punk, bluegrass, folk and politics, Haymarket Squares’ performance blew us away — especially its last song, unplugged and performed off-stage amongst the crowd. Just one spotlight and the raw sound and energy of the Haymarket Squares. Incredible.

The best way to recover from the Haymarket Squares’ punkgrass? Gospel Claws, the upbeat five-piece, indie rock, familial band. If you haven’t checked out this band, you must. You can listen to a few of their tracks here.

And, of course, rounding out the night: Dry River Yacht Club. This nine-piece band boasts a variety of instruments, including the trombone, violin, accordion, bass clarinet, bassoon and more.

Photos // DRYC @ Crescent Jan. 10, 2013l

Photos: Cory Bergquist

Listen to Dry River Yacht Club

Listen to the Haymarket Squares

Listen to Gospel Claws

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