Andrew Jackson Jihad & Playboy Manbaby count down to the New Year at a rowdy Crescent Ballroom

Local favorites Andrew Jackson Jihad and Playboy Manbaby recently took a sold out Crescent Ballroom for a wild ride on 12/30/14. There’s no doubt that local music is alive and well when you see how these two local bands can easily whip up a crowd and keep a sea of jumping bodies and flailing arms going all night.

Playboy Manbaby has quickly grown into a must see band here in AZ. Their live shows are packed full of so much energy, it takes quite a bit of resolve not to throw yourself into the pit with the rest of the crowd and start shouting (whether you know the lyrics or not). To finish off their set, they invited the packed house to crouch down and have a little lesson in counting, quickly followed by a surge of madness. Check it out in the video:

Andrew Jackson Jihad packs a similar energy into their live show that built off of Playboy Manbaby and took it to the next level. Their mix of folk and punk had the crowd screaming along to each of their songs, in between jumping and pushing their way through the set. The crowd exploded into overdrive as some members of the band walked off stage, leaving the stripped down version of AJJ that many who have seen their shows at Trunk Space have fond memories of. Throughout the show, AJJ were excited to celebrate the new year and actually did an NYE countdown with the entire crowd a full day early, quickly followed by a Slayer cover. Check it out in the video:

Check out more from Playboy Manbaby:

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