The Woodworks, Bear Ghost & Banana Gun celebrate album release with high-energy show

There’s something about seeing local bands over and over again, in the same venue, drinking the same beer, with the same friends. You learn the vibe of the whole night and it becomes more of a place you can relax and just completely enjoy the good music and good company. I start to recognize people I’ve never actually met before, but they’re always there, just like me, moving to the music, and singing along when they can.banana2

To be honest, I’m more familiar with Banana Gun and Bear Ghost, than I am with The Woodworks, but I was more than happy to add another band into the mix! Having all these great bands take the stage one right after another really kept the energy of the night going, I don’t think I saw the crowd stop moving once.

We unfortunately missed Day Before Plastics and Goetta, but we were lucky enough to catch great sets from the rest of the lineup. See some pictures from the night below!

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See more from The Woodworks:

See more from Banana Gun:

See more from Bear Ghost:

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