11 Phoenix-based bands you should be listening to

If you’re like me and haven’t been in the local music scene for some time, then you’ve probably had a few if not all of the following thoughts while staring blankly at Crescent Ballroom, The Rebel Lounge and Valley Bars’ respective event listings:

  • Where’s Mergence? I haven’t see those guys in a while.
  • That reminds me: What about Black Carl?
  • Who are these new bands?!
  • I miss Sail Inn.

Let’s focus on No. 3: Show of hands if you’re feeling a bit clueless regarding who’s even out there anymore. It’s OK; you can admit it. So let me help re-introduce you. Here are the the bands you should be listening to…

1. Bear Ghost

Bear Ghost

Photo: Jim Fury Hesterman; logo: Monkah

Sounds like: Technical, intricate rock; a tiny bit pop; high-energy shows


2. Slow Moses

Slow Moses

Sounds like: Experimental, psychedelic rock


3. Strange Lot

Strange Lot

Sounds like: Garage rock, psychedelic rock


4. Playboy Manbaby

Playboy Manbaby

Sounds like: Punk, ska; insane AF shows


5. Wyves


Sounds like: “Loud, unapologetic rock ‘n’ roll”


6. The Technicolors


Sounds like: Rock, Brit rock


7. Phantom Airship


Sounds like: House, drum and base; music for your spaceship


8. decker.


Photo: Sundawg Media

Sounds like: Folk, rock — with some covers thrown in there


9. Dungeon Destroyah

Dungeon Destroyah

Sounds like: Psychedelic beats, hip-hop, bass


10. Tribal Leader

Tribal Leader

Sounds like: Electro, techno, bass


11. Jared & The Mill

Jared and the Mill

Photo: Natasha Wilson

Sounds like: Folk, indie rock



2 thoughts on “11 Phoenix-based bands you should be listening to

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