Bear Ghost, Bitforce & Bag of Tricks Cat: A night of Pokemon, video game covers and dancing

You can expect a few things to happen when you attend a show for Bitforce, a nerd core trio hailing from San Antonio, Texas: You’ll get hit with a major dose of nostalgia, you’ll flip when you hear their Sonic cover because it’s that good, and you’ll hear a cover the Pokemon theme song. And yes, everyone promptly pulled out their phones during said song to open up Pokemon Go, take advantage of the PokeStop at The Rebel Lounge and catch a Pidgey.

But enough about Pokemon Go. The other acts that night kept the energy high. Bag of Tricks Cat, a local rapper and hip-hop artist from Phoenix, inspired the audience with his speech and track about achieving one’s dreams.

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As for Bear Ghost? This was the band I was most curious to see live. Their bio states they’re “known for their high-energy shows, intricate songwriting, and quirky personalities,” and this rang 1,000 percent true. You truly won’t be disappointed by these guys, especially if you’re looking for a new local band to move and dance to. Don’t believe me? Then take a look:

A+, boys. Can’t wait until the next one.

Were you at the show last night? Send us your pics and vids so we can post them here!


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