Album Review: Playboy Manbaby, “Scum Brothers”


With Chris Hudson on bass, TJ Friga on guitar, David Cosme rocking the trumpet, Robbie Pferrer as vocals, Chad Dennis on drums and Eryn Wise being the majestic “important” member in the band, these guys have become an Arizona powerhouse, tearing up local venues, house shows and coffee shops all over the Valley.

And they just recently released their newest EP “Scum Brothers.”

Ska with a hard dose of raw.

Strap in, and get ready: Playboy Manbaby isn’t going to break this to you easily. The next seven minutes and 18 seconds of your life are going to have you jumping and thrashing alone in your home as if the members of this ska/punk band were in your living room, screaming lyrics right along with you.

I quickly find myself mouthing lyrics like “you think I’m fuckin’, I’m fuckin’ around” and “so don’t you wanna see, don’t you wanna see” over and over as the first  song “Snake Hammer” erupts through riff after riff. Occasional bursts of trumpet break up the steady guitar and basslines while energized drum beats take the song into blast-off mode. No, sir, I definitely don’t think you’re fuckin’ around.

Eagerly waiting through the three seconds until the next song starts, I’m still moving to the energy that I got from the first track. “Brenden Lechner” is just what you need to start a party in any situation — with a dancy bass line and an equally entertaining trumpet riff. I can’t help but smile and imagine how fun hearing this live would be. Things are quickly ramped when Robbie screams, “No motivation!” and my imagination continues on with a packed crowd cohesively losing their minds with no plans of stopping.

Did you have a chance to catch your breath during that last song? Well, prepare to have it repeatedly punched out of your lungs over the next 46 seconds. With just a few clicks of the drumstick as a warning, “Rat Dog” completely explodes with a guitar riff/bass line combo that are on a mission to assault your senses and vocals that rip apart any energy you may be trying to hold in reserve. Right in the middle of it all comes a wonderfully menacing trumpet riff that reminds me of a certain flying bumble bee. It lasts just long enough before getting crushed back into the remainder of the song, and before I knew what really hit me, it was gone. That’s what I call an ending!

Get a sample of the intensity of seeing Playboy Manbaby live:

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