Playboy Manbaby @ The Trunk Space (REVIEW)

The energy is real — and infectious.

Playboy Manbaby


The venue is small, the speakers are loud, and despite exhaustion setting in, the dedicated crowd eagerly waits to unleash one last flurry of energy. Tonight seems to be for the younger crowd, set specifically aside for those of us who want to start our weekend off with a small, barely controlled, joy-filled riot.

Everyone is ready, and if you think you’re not, you are happily mistaken. Like flipping a switch,
all feet inside the Trunk Space lift off the ground as soon as Playboy Manbaby starts charging through their set.  The crowd is screaming lyrics, pushing their way around the pit and lifting one another to surf among the sea of hands.Playboy Manbaby at The Trunk Space

Each song couldn’t help but turn The Trunk Space into a jumping, cheering, wonderful mess. In between songs, fans held up lost shoes and used their cellphones to light up the floor, looking for fallen glasses and keys. We may have let loose, pushing and shoving during the set, but we still had each others’ backs.

Bringing the night to a fantastic close, a ruckus of smiling faces, contorted bodies, sweat and noise all piled into a wall of death that pinpointed one of the high points of the set. Afterward, the crowd filed out into the night, enjoying the cool air, swapping stories and air-drying the sweat out of their shirts.

See pictures from the show:

You can check out Playboy Manbaby on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Bandcamp.

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