The Dublight Zone @ Palo Verde Lounge (REVIEW)

Walking into The Dublight Zone at the Palo Verde Lounge, which fits the description of your average dive bar, I was reminded of small punk and metal shows that share the same style of venue. It seems all types of alternative Selecta J Cut at The Dublight Zonemusic take refuge in local dive bars, setting up makeshift stages, bring their own personal sound equipment, and acquiring the help of friends that double as stage hands. Here it’s less about the hype and more about the good vibes.

DJs Selecta J Cut, DR. Pressure, Brutal, and Intrinzic all had their hands on the decks during this particular night, and treated bar goers to the sounds of reggae, breaks, dnb, and world music. There was a particular respect for the music, by both the dj and the crowd which you won’t find in your average club DJ setting. Each song was carefully mixed into and given time to sink in before moving on to the next.

Intrinzic at The Dublight Zone

Intrinzic, the guest DJ for the night, supplied the bar with its fix of soulful liquid drum and bass. Working through his set, quick cheers and shouts of approval could be heard as a each new song struck just the right chord with different sections of the bar. Talking with Intrinzic before his set, it was obvious he was happy just to come in and play a few records for people who shared his passion for music.

Needless to say, I’ll definitely be back to The Dublight Zone whenever I’m in the mood for some solid reggae and a cold beer.

Check out a few shots from the show:

Keep on top of The Dublight Zone here:

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