INTERVIEW: Bit-Flip spotlights local EDM artists (VIDEO)

Bit-Flip performers collage

Image: Sejo Basic

“Is there an underground electronic movement in Arizona?” asks Bit-Flip founder and Tempe local musician Cory Bergquist. “Yes,” he affirms, “there is.”

“It’s so underground, only the people making the music know about it,” he continues. And that includes Bergquist, who goes by the moniker Tribal Leader. With this in mind, he created Bit-Flip in 2012.

Bit-Flip aims to unite and spotlight local electronic music artists in various live shows, typically located in dive bars throughout the Valley, from The Trunk Space to The Sail Inn (now closed. The group also provides a way for local artists to connect and network.

Bergquist goes into more detail in our interview with him, including local artists who have taken part, below:

If you want to take part in Bit-Flip, email And don’t forget to “like” the Facebook page.

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