Adam Bruce performs unforgettable cover of Mergence’s “Me & My Family Vs. the Robots” (VIDEO)

North Brother Island

North Brother Island at The Rebel Lounge, 8/15/15

I’ll be upfront about this: I loved Mergence. Still do. And I’m almost positive I’ve attended every one of their shows — and I miss seeing them perform (especially at The Sail Inn — R.I.P.).

But those days are long gone. The Sail Inn has turned into The Lodge Sasquatch Kitchen, and Mergence hasn’t performed a show in God knows how long.

Until Friday happened. OK, well, not really — but close enough.

Adam Bruce, formerly the lead singer of Mergence, performed a solo show at The Rebel Lounge — along with decker., North Brother Island and Sun Bones. Accompanied by Black Carl’s Chad Leonard on drums and a strings section, Bruce ended his set with a delicate, gorgeous version of Mergence’s “Me & My Family Vs. the Robots.” Check it out for yourself:

Aside from the brilliance that is decker., the show also featured Sun Bones (a quartet from Tucson that can harmonize like a boss) and North Brother Island (a self-described “chamber folk” band from Phoenix, comprised of a banjo player, violist, cello player, pianist and drummer). It’s definitely unique and not to be missed. Listen to them both below:

Were you at the show on Friday? Send us your pics, so we can post ’em here! Also, let us know what you thought of the bands that night.

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